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Advanced Products Australia was founded on the core belief that the easier a product is to use, the more effective it will be in a home or business setting. In this respect, the company is dedicated to providing consumers across Australia with alternative solutions to domestic and business products.

The "Anuka Electric Hot Smoker", our first available product, is a perfect example of our business ideals. Designed & Developed in New Zealand, the "Anuka" eliminates the hours and labour traditionally necessary for preparing delicious, flavourful smoked foods.

With a stainless steel element, electric burner and cast aluminium casing, the Anuka smoker is precisely what you can expect from our future product line taking something typically difficult, messy, or time consuming, and making it easy.


anuka hot smoker




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anuka hot smoker anuka hot smoker
anuka hot smoker anuka hot smoker


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