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anuka hot smoker anuka hot smoker anuka hot smoker





An exciting new concept
Whether you are a fisherman or a chef, a hunter or a housewife — the variety and choice of smoked foods is now yours with the arrival of Anuka — the world's first electric hot smoker appliance.

Unlike the more traditional method of preserving by cold smoking, the Anuka electric hot smoker fully cooks the food while infusing the flavours and natural juices with a unique smoky character.

Hot smoking is a safe, healthy way of providing low-fat, low-cholesterol food without adding salt, fat or oils. Fish, seafood, shellfish, meats, sausages, poultry and game as well as vegetables, cheese and nuts all take on a new culinary dimension with the Anuka smoker.

Savour the moment
These wonderful new tastes can be further enhanced with your own imaginative marinades and seasonings. The Anuka smoker comes with a comprehensive instruction/recipe booklet full of helpful hints, ideas and exciting new ways to prepare and present your favourite dishes.


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anuka hot smoker anuka hot smoker
anuka hot smoker anuka hot smoker


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